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Friday, September 30, 2016

How Zarfund Member To Member Bitcoin Donation Matrix Works

This is how the zarfund Bitcoin Matrix works!

Earn Bitcoins with Zarfund is the rave now. So many are now joining the train so that they don't get left back as the Zarfund is growing steadliy day in day out.

Zarfund is the most amazing and revolutionary matrix program based on a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Each member of Zarfund donate and earn bitcoin

How to Join Zarfund

It is quite easy to join Zarfund. All you need to do is register through a referral link and afterwards upgrade your account to level 1 with  just 0.03 Bitcoins with in 24hours.

How does the Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix Works

Once you upgrade your account with 0.03bitcoin you automatically qualify to earn in zarfund. You earnings or donations as it is called will go straight to your bitcoin wallet as zarfund is a peer to peer payment program. You don't pay any admin fees and no money is stored in a central wallet incase the program just crashed and disappears your money or bitcoins will still remain in your bitcoin wallet.

Detailed Explanation of the Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix

Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix is  2 x 6 Matrix

Two people donates 0.03 bitcoin to you
2 x 0.03btc
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 2)
= 0.01btc profit per month

Four people donates 0.05 Bitcoin to you
4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
= 0.1btc profit per month

8 People donates 0.1 Bitcoin to You
8 x 0.1btc
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4)
= 0.6btc profit per month

16 people donates 0.2 bitcoin to You
16 x 0.2btc
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)
= 2.2btc profit per month

32 People donates 1 Bitcoin to You
32 x 1btc
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6)
= 30btc profit per month

64 People donate 64 Bitcoins to you
64 x 2btc
= 128btc profit per month