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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Global2x2 Bitcoin Cycler Matrix Review - How To Earn 1 BTC in 3 Days or Less.

Global2x2 is the latest in the bitcoin earning programs, It has been specifically designed to create wealth and prosperity.
 It has a lot of cool features that will definitely  interest anybody interested in earning legit bitcoin online.

In my previous post on why people are not earning with bitcoin matrix programs, i mentioned the fact that most of the bitcoin donation programs are peer to peer. In peer to peer bitcoin donation programs, members send bitcoin donations directly to each others bitcoin wallets. This therefore make it easy for the members to spend their bitcoin at anytime as they wished and might not have bitcoin in their wallets when they need to upgrade to the next level in the matrix.

But with Globlal2x2 this problem has been resolved because you will only earn when you complete the 2x2 matrix for every position you buy and cycle out.

Getting started with global 2x2 is even easier than you probably might think. There is so much flexibility and enough room to accommodate different type of people based on their financial capacity.
You can start with as little as 0.002BTC ($3) being the least level of participation and gradually build up to the highest level of participation of  0.4BTC($600).
Also you are in charge and you have the opportunity to decide how much you will like to earn with the program.
You can buy all the  8 Levels and build all together at once or You can buy any level of participation you wish because all the participation levels are each based on a 2x2 Matrix
When you complete the 2x2 Matrix for any position and cycle out you earn approximately 250% and a new position on that same level.

Global 2x2 Sign up Process.

For you to start earning bitcoin with the Global2x2 platform,

  • Click Here To Register 
  • Then login to your email and click on the account activation link for Global2x2
  • Login to your Global2x2 dashboard
  • Click on Finances and click on the Deposit drop down menu
  • Copy the Deposit Bitcoin Wallet Address generated for you to pay
  • Login in to your own Bitcoin Wallet and send the bitcoin amount of BTC for the positions you will like to buy.
  • Then go to Positions Tab, click on Buy Positions and click on the number of  position you will like to buy. if you want to start with 0.002btc then click on No.1
  • Your position will be automatically purchased.
  • Once you have successfully purchased your Positions, then click on Refer Tab to get your referral link.
Global2x2 Compensation Plan.

Your compensation or earnings in the Global2x2 depends on the position type and numbers that you buy. Basically there are 8 different position types and each position is a distinct 2x2 matrix.

  1.  Baby Positions; This cost 0.002 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out and earn 0.005 BTC plus a free new Baby matrix position automatically. 
  2. Starter Positions: This cost 0.005 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out and earn 0.0125 BTC plus a free new Starter matrix position automatically. 
  3. Manager Positions: This cost 0.01 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out earn 0.025 BTC plus a free new Manager matrix position automatically. 
  4. Investor Positions: This cost 0.025 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out and earn 0.0625 BTC plus a new Investor matrix position automatically. 
  5.  Director Positions: This cost 0.05 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out and earn 0.125 BTC plus a new investor matrix position automatically. 
  6.  Executive Positions; This cost 0.1 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle and earn 0.25 BTC plus a free new Executive matrix position automatically. 
  7.  Vice President Positions: This cost 0.2 BTC and when you complete the Matrix, you cycle out and earn 0.5 BTC plus a new Vice President matrix position automatically. 
  8. President Positions; This cost 0.4 BTC and when you complete the Matrix you cycle out and earn 1 BTC plus a new President matrix position automatically.
How Does 2x2 Matrix Works?

2x2 Matrix is the best form of matrix for newbies or people that are just getting started with matrix programs.
This is because it's usually fast and easy to complete. When you join the Global2x2 matrix or any 2x2 Matrix, your first task is to refer just 2 people who be your direct downlines and placed on your level 1. Then when those your  2 direct downlines gets their 2 referrals each, That is 4 people and the willl be placed on your Level 2.
This gives you a total of 6 People in your matrix and by doing that you have completed your 2x2 Matrix. You then cycle out and earn.
It's as simple as that!

How To Earn 1BTC in 3Days or Less.
Since you now understand how a 2x2 Matrix works, you can leverage the Global2x2 Bitcoin Cycler Matrix to earn 1BTC over and over again by following this step.

Register Here if you have not done so already
Then Buy the 0.4 BTC Presidential Position. After that refer just 2 people who can also buy the presidential position each for 0.4 BTC. Then when those 2 people refer 2 people each and also buy the presidential package for 0.4 BTC. That is about 6 People in Your Matrix, You've completed the matrix, You will then cycle out and earn 1BTC.

The faster you can do this, the faster you earn. it can be in 1 day, 2days, 3 days or even more.
There is now limit to the number of times you can participate and cycle out. You can decide to do it over and over again.

For small investors that doesn't have 0.4BTC to invest at once, This is how you too can take advantage of this program.

Signup Here

Then buy the baby Position for 0.002 BTC. Refer just 2 people who will signup and buy the baby position too for 0.002 BTC each. Then when those 2 people refer 2 people each who also buys the baby position for 0.002BTC each. You complete your 2x2 Matrix, Cycle out and Earn 0.005 BTC. That is a cool 250%  ROI.
There is no limit to the number of times you can do this. You can do it over and over again.
If you want to further increase your earnings, once you cycle out, you can buy the next higher position starter position and still earn when you complete the matrix.
You can continue this process till you get to the president position and earn your 1BTC.

This is extremely profitable business and the cycle process is fast.

Signup Now and start Earning with the Global2x2 Matrix