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Friday, October 28, 2016


Coinn cryptocurrency mining Review is just to let you know exactly what this bitcoin investment is all about.

First and foremost most people think it is not possible to get this kind of interest rate that coinn cryptocurrency mining company offers but they are just about to be proved wrong.

The coinn crptocurrency is bitcoin investment and mining company based in london and their investment program is just 23days old as at today. The company has more than 18,000 active depositors already and deposits running to 4,000 BTC.

This statistics look promising especially for a company that is just a few days running. I decided to test the waters myself, created an account and deposited after 24hours i processed a withdrawl and to my greatest surprise, before i could blink the my earnings is already in my bitcoin wallet.

I call this supper fast and can't be compared to any bitcoin investment company. Haven invested in so many bitcoin hyips before myself, when it comes to withdrawl that is when you will start seeing drama and those scammy companies will never allow you to withrawl your earnings.

Well this might be hyip but the risk is low and the company is paying.

Coin Cryptocurrency Last withdraw screenshot

How to Join Coinn Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Mining Program.

First the Coin Cryptocurrency mining  investment program is based on bitcoin only.

So if you don't have a bitcoin wallet, then open one free here

After that, fund your bitcoin wallet with whatever amount you want to
invest and head over to coinn cryptocurrency mining website

Click on register and create your account.

Then login and click on account overview.

You will see two button

Click on deposit to deposit your fund.

Copy the bitcoin address generated for you, head over to blockchain
and send the fund.

Then go back to coinn website and confirm your deposit.


You are just ready to start receiving excellent interest rate
on your investment. 0.15% every hour.

How To Withdraw Your Principal Invested Amount in

You can withdraw your initial invested principal after 24hrs but there is applicable charges.
withdraw fee of 5%.
From my experience with the bitcoin investment platform you will get about 20% profit on your investment in 7days period.

If you want to withdraw your Principal then, Login to your dashboard, click on my "active deposits" then hover over the date of any active deposit.

It will show withdraw option, click on withdraw and the pricipal amount will be added to your current withdrawable balance.

Then go back to your dashboard click on "account overview" and click withdraw.

That should send the bitcoin to your wallet before you blink.

Very fast and easy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Make $100 Daily Through Bitcoin4u Referral Program.

Referral Marketing is a marketing strategy employed by new companies to make their products popular to wide variety of audience within a short period of time.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are still relatively new and most companies involved one way or the other with bitcoin products use referral programs to boost their marketing campaign and reward  affiliates who send them sales with certain percentage of the sales amount.

Companies pay affiliate commissions ranging from 5 - 100%. For affiliates that have websites or strong social media presence this can quickly translate to huge daily and monthly money earner.
Some affiliate do more than $100 per day in referral program and some even are in more than one affiliate programs.

In this post, I want to show you a company that has a unique referral  program in which you earn 10% of any sale you generate upto 10 Level deep.

The company is Bitcoin4u, an advertising company that present for the first time world millionaires plan.  The cost of joining the company is 0.02 bitcoin then your referral link is generted and for every sale you generate you earn 0.002bitcoin.

This is unlimited rain of bitcoins, the more sales you refer the more bitcoins you make, the only person that can limit your bitcoin earnings here is  you.

So go and register on Bitcoin4u website send 0.002 bitcoin to the 10 bitcoin wallet address listed, copy the hash tag and confirm the payment. Then Grab your refer link, share with all your friends and start earning.
 It as simple as that and if you are very hardworking you can make more than $100 per day with this
amazing bitcoin4u referral program.

Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Earn Bitcoins Daily Through Ads: is Paying

There are various ways you can earn bitcoins online such as mining, faucets, ptc etc.
But still presents an extremely unique way for everyone to earn daily bitcoins. is an advertising website where you can register, activate your account and start promoting your primary offers through text ads, banner ads etc. but that is not all.
The webite offers a way for you to even earn more passive bitcoins. This is not mlm or money chain but a peer to peer bitcoin donation program.

Basically there are two plans


working Plan and Non Working Plan.

For the working Plan, you start with an investment of 0.02 bitcoin and you have the potential
to earn upto 200,000 bitcoins. This is because you will receive donations from people you refer upto 10 level
You activate your account on this plan by sending 0.002 bitcoin each to 10 bitcoin addresses listed on the website then you copy the hash tag for the transaction and confirm for each until you complete the 10.
Out of the 10 accounts you sent 0.002 BTC, the first 2 are Admins and the remianning are members like you that have joined the program.

After your payment have been confirmed, then you will get email containing your referral link and all your marketing materials. You will be placed on position #8 on the list and your position gradually moves up as you get referrals through your affiliate link until you will get to position #1.
Start sharing and promoting your link so that you can begin to get daily bitcoin alerts.


Non Working Plan on the other hand is matrix program 2x4 matrix. you upgrade with 0.1btc and you receive 0.1btc also from 2members (0.2btc)
Then you upgrade to level 2 with 0.15btc and receive 0.15 from 4 members (0.6btc)
You upgrade to level 3 with 0.5 bitcoin and receive 0.5 btc from 8 members (4btc)
Lastly you upgarde to level 4 with 1.25btc and recieve 1.25btc from 16members (20btc)


Click here Now to JOIN

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Best Bitcoin Wallet: Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet Signup.

Best Bitcoin Wallet, Best Bitcoin Exchanger, Best This , Best That. People are always looking for the best.

But before we start looking for the best Bitcoin Wallet, let know exactly what a Bitcoin Wallet is.

So what is a Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet works just like your normal bank account, but instead of storing normal currency like dollars, nairas etc it store bitcoins for You. through this bitcoin wallet you can receive and send bitcoins to others.

There are 2 types of  bitcoin wallets; software wallet and web based wallet.

Software Wallet is the one you install on your Computer and mobile devices while the web based are the once that you can access online directly through a web browser.

Blockchain is one of the best bitcoin wallet and the most popular also.

Blockchain wallet address signup is free and it takes less than 1 minute to setup.

To get a free Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain visit, once on the page click on the green button create a free Bitcoin Wallet 

Fill the form and click Continue, Viola! you just created a your Bitcoin Wallet.


I know you can't wait to to get started with your bitcoin and cryptocurrency business see my post on where to buy bitcoins and fund your bitcoin wallet immediately.

10 Best Bitcoin Exchangers in Nigeria

Bitcoin exchangers are online companies that allow you to change your digital currency or  cryptocurrency to dollars, euros, naira etc and vice versa.

There are quite a good number of them here in nigeria. To get a full list of all the bitcoin exchangers in nigeria, head over to google or other search engines and do a search for "bitcoin exchangers in nigeria"

Do your due diligence and research a company before you send your hard earned cash/bitcoin to them as there are alot of sharks online these days.

Even if you need bitcoin to join Zarfund or any other bitcoin business you can easily buy bitcoins from any of these bitcoin exchangers and you can also sell your bitcoin to them and they will pay you in either dollar, naira or any currency you have chosen.

Below is  just a list of bitcoin exchnagers in nigeria in no any order.

How To Get 2 Referrals Easily with in 24 Hours To Zarfund or Any Bitcoin Donation Matrix


Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix is one of the easiest matrix but some people still find it difficult to fill their matrix or refer only 2 people required for them to start earning in the Zarfund program.

This post will show you how to crack the code to referring at least 2 people to your Zarfund business or any other network marketing company you are promoting.

I'm not going to hold anything back from you, as i will reveal to you a actionable step by step guide that has worked for me and my team members.

This guide is so powerful and you should try to implement it as much as possible until you get the results you desire.

So How Can You Refer 2 People To Zarfund in 24Hours?

Requirements for this Actionable Plan

  • 1. 2Hours daily
  • 2. $10 or more for Advertisement

The Plan

1. Once you have upgraded your Zarfund account to bronze level grab your referral link and share with as many people as possible.

How to do this, either go to google or facebook and search for "Zarfund" then click on latest, copy any post that interests you to a notepad, edit it and add your referral link. Only follow that strategy if you can not come up with a small and well crafted post about zarfund on your own. Then Post on your wall, facebook groups, google plus, instagram, twitter etc.

2. Share your new awesome business opportunity with all your friends, colleagues and family members.

How to do this, list all the things you like about Zarfund and how you think your propsect will  benefit by joining Zarfund. Make sure you tell them everything you know about Zarfund. 
Go to youtube and watch any video about zarfund and bitcoins so that you can have so many things to tell your prospects. 
Once they show interest let them signup through your referral link.

3. Advertise, Advertise and Advertise.

Apart from the social media method discussed in step 1 there are other  various methods you can send paid traffic to your Zarfund referral link to get signups such as google adwords, Bing Ads, PTC, Traffic exchanges, Banner Ads Site, Classified Ads Site etc.

4. Login Regularly to Your Zarfund Account and Click on My referrals to see how many people you have referred.

You will see their contact information such as email, and Phone number etc. If any of your referrals upgrade to bronze level then you should receive some bitcoins in your blockchain wallet already.

If not you have to do follow up with all the leads, by encouraging them and showing them how to earn bitcoin with the Zarfund program.

If you are new to Zarfund program or network marketing in general i hope this help your hustle on how to get your 2 referrals fast so that your matrix and earnings on Zarfund increase as soon as possible.

If you have not signup yet then grab a spot for yourself on my fast grow team here

How To Convert Zarfund Compensation Plan From Bitcoin To Naira.

zarfund bitcoin
Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix Compensation Plan In Naira is just a simplification of the bitcoin compensation plan.
I've found out that most people can not understand the earning potential of the bitcoin matrix zarfund presented on their website.
To register Click Here

How to Earn Bitcoins With Zarfund In Nigeria

Do you want to earn bitcoins online or
Do you need a simple and affordable
online business you can start in nigeria?

Then there are various options for you.
it's not even news again that online

entrepreneurs are making it real big right
here in nigeria.
You can do blogging, forex trading, binary options, network
marketing, fiverr and other frelancer sites etc.

The problem is when it comes to making money online there is no one size fits all. what works for Mr A might not work for Mr B.

But right now Bitcoin business is super hot!
Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically.
No one controls it and it operates independently of a central bank.
Bitcoins aren't printed, like dollars, euros and nairas.
Right now 1Bitcoin worths about $620 and it is expected that the price will continue to rise.
There are various ways you can tap in to the digital currency. Such as mining, exchanges etc

The one simple way i've discovered is through a program called zarfund.

Zarfund is a revolutionary way to bitcoin and it is a peer to peer donation program. Each member join free but send a donation of 0.03bitcoin to activate bronze level.

In Zarfund each participating member is expected to refer just only 2 people and that is it.
If you can not refer just 2 people then this business is not for you. Atleast everybody have family members, friends, colleagues, mosque members, church members etc.

So getting only 2 people is not as difficult as most people think. All you have to do is just talk to people about this your awesome new business opportunity. To participate in Zarfund you need a bitcoin wallet address where your donations will be sent to.
You can create one free here
Then you fund your newly created wallet with 0.03 bitcoin about $20. Don't know how to do that? don't worry this guide is just for you,
go over to google and search "bitcoin exchangers in nigeria" feel free to use any of the websites in the search result but the one i use is

After funding your bitcoin wallet with $20 then login to your zarfund dashboard, go to My money to setup your payment details
Then go back to dashboard and click on upgrade to next level you will then see the bitcoin wallet address you will send the 0.03bitcoin upgrade fee.

See this complete video on how to signup and activate you account on Zarfund

Ready to signup?
Click here to signup  or contact me on +2348132637237 for more info