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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017 Review: How To Earn 12% Daily To Your Bitcoin Wallet

 The most basic way bitcoins are generate is through bitcoin mining but as we all know, bitcoin mining is hardly profitable now except you are ready to invest in ASIC miners.

Running a profitable bitcoin miner requires huge investment and most people that are just embracing the cryptocurrency technology hardly have the technical know-how or the capital required.

Cloud mining is therefore their preferred solution since they will need little or no investment in the technical know-how of  how to operate a bitcoin miner.
All You have to do is just buy a contract from a bitcoin mining company that has already invested in Bitcoin miners and are willing to share their rewards you as an investors.

There are couple of  bitcoin mining companies and many more are coming up daily. Companies such as genesis mining, Hashflare, Minex, hashpower etc. is the latest of them all with lot of innovative features. Earning bitcoin with is very easy and they have 3 types of plan that will earn you from 7% to 12% daily returns on your invested btc.

If you are like many other bitcoin investors that wants to read reviews of before you signup, then i want to tell you that hashpower has being paying instantly and consistently for the past few weeks.

How To get started with

To join the and start earning 12% daily, click here to signup.

Once on the home page the click on "Registration  in Hashpower Network"

Then fill the above form with your details and click on signup button below the page.

Login to your email to confirm your signup. 

Then go back to the website and click "Enter Personal account" to login to your dashbaord.

Once you login, this how your typical dashboard looks like. just click on "make deposit" to complete your account set up.

Then enter the deposit Amount and click make deposit.

Then copy the bitcoin account generated for you and head over to your bitcoin wallet and send the exact bitcoin amount to the generated bitcoin wallet.

On thing you have to notice is the minimum investment amount is 0.01 BTC.

There are 3 Investmet Plans based on the BTC amount you want to invest.

Plan1 ; 0.01 - 50 BTC  returns of   7% Daily Forever

Plan2 ; 50.0000001 - 350 BTC  returns of   9% Daily Forever

Plan3 ; 350.0000001 -  unlimited BTC  returns of   12% Daily Forever

The minimum cashout is 0.0005btc ($0.50).
You can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet daily once you have a balance greater than the minimum of 0.0005btc.

Earning Calculator for Plan1 of 7% Daily Forever.

You have to be calculative when investing in bitcoin mining contract. So you decide how much you want to be making daily and calculate the amount of bitcoins you need to deposit to achieve that.

Example of how to determine the bitcoin deposit amounts 

1. Daily Earning of  $1  : divide $1 by 7% and multiply by 100 

1/7 x 100  =  0.142857 x 100 =  $ 14.2857 so for you to be making $1 everyday forever you will 
make a deposit of $14.2857

2. Daily Earning of  $2  : divide $2 by 7% and multiply by 100 

2/7 x 100  =  0.285714 x 100 =  $ 28.571428 so for you to be making $2 everyday forever you will 
make a deposit of $28.571428

3. Daily Earning of  $5  : divide $5 by 7% and multiply by 100 

5/7 x 100  =  0.7142857 x 100 =  $ 71.428571 so for you to be making $5 everyday forever you will make a deposit of $71.428571

4. Daily Earning of  $10  : divide $10 by 7% and multiply by 100 

10/7 x 100  = 1.4285714 x 100 =  $ 142.85714 so for you to be making $10 everyday forever you will make a deposit of $142.85714

5. Daily Earning of  $50  : divide $50 by 7% and multiply by 100 

50/7 x 100  = 7.142857 x 100 =  $ 714.28571 so for you to be making $50 everyday forever you will make a deposit of $714.28571

6. Daily Earning of  $100  : divide $100 by 7% and multiply by 100 

100/7 x 100  = 14.285714 x 100 =  $ 1428.5714 so for you to be making $100 everyday forever you will make a deposit of $1428.5714

So whatever is your daily expectation you can determine the amount you need to deposit by following the above examples.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn 0.25% Hourly Forever with auto bitcoin builder.

If you like to earn bitcoins, you will never get tired of trying various means of earning bitcoins.
knowing fully well that cryptocurrency will be the currency of the future, now is the best time to earn as much bitcoins as possible.
Even though you might be earning bitcoins already through some certain means like bitcoin mining, bitcoin faucets, ppc  etc. Adding this Auto Bitcoin Builder to your list can be a game changer.

 How do you make money with this auto bitcoin builder?

Auto bitcoin builder is a hper funding bitcoin investment website and what they do is look for people/ business that have viable business ideas, invest in the business and share in the profit.
The profit made from those business ventures are now shared to members of the auto bitcoin builder website. Each member gets  0.25% of the invested bitcoin amount hourly forever.

So How Else Can you Make Money in The Auto  Bitcoin Builder Investment Program?

The Primary way to make money with the auto bitcoin builder is by investing with the website and earning 0.25% hourly of your invested BTC amount forever.
To increase your earnings you can refer other bitcoin users and earn 10% referral commission after successful signup and investing and another 5% commission on your level 2 referrals.

How Do i Get Paid?

Auto Bitcoin Builder use bitcoin as the mode of deposit and withdraw. No minimum investment as you can start with as low as $1.
The Minimum cashout is $0.25 and you will be paid instantly once you have upto that in your account.

That is the typical dashboard of the Auto Bitcoin builder that you will see once you signup and login to the website.

Once you login and see this dashboard then go to "setup & Fund Bitcoin Wallet" to set up your account.
After that  Go to "Make Your Deposit" and complete the deposit process.

You can request for payout by clicking on "Request Withdrawl"at any time.

Click Here To Signup and start earning 0.25% Hourly Forever on your invested Bitcoin

Auto Bitcoin builder Proof of Payment.

Auto Bitcoin Builder Earning Calculator.

Scenario 1
Lets assumed you invest $10 today,
Every Hour For 24Hrs You get 10 x 0.25/100 x 24 = $0.6
So in One Week You Will Be Making $0.6 x 7 = $4.2
And in a Month You Will Be Making $4.2 x 4 = $16.8
 From your one time $10 investment you will be making about $16.8 monthly forever.

Scenario 2
Lets assumed you invest $100 today,
Every Hour For 24Hrs You get 100 x 0.25/100 x 24 = $6
So in One Week You Will Be Making $6 x 7 = $42
And in a Month You Will Be Making $42 x 4 = $168
 From your one time $100 investment you will be making about $168 monthly forever.

Scenario 3
Lets assumed you invest $200 today,
Every Hour For 24Hrs You get 200 x 0.25/100 x 24 = $12
So in One Week You Will Be Making $12 x 7 = $84
And in a Month You Will Be Making $84  x 4 = $336
 From your one time $200 investment you will be making about $336 monthly forever.

Depending on how much you wish to earn you can decide the amount of bitcoins you want to invest.
Auto bitcoin builder with do the rest of the work for you.

Even if you decide to invest $10 you can cash out your $0.6 every day instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet as you don't need to wait for it to build up.
 Minimum withdrwal is $0.25 once you have that in your account you can cashout at any time

How To Find Bitcoin Mining Pool with Best Payout

Friday, February 17, 2017

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn 0.001 BTC Per Referral With Bitcoin Referral Program.

You can now earn free 0.001BTC with Bitcoin Referral Program. If you have being thinking of how to make money with bitcoin, this is an opportunity you will not like to miss.
You don't need to pay anything to join this bitcoin referral program. All you have to do is signup and start promoting your referral url.

Once you get a signup, you will earn 0.001 BTC. You can refer as many people as possible but you will only be able to cashout when you reach a payment threshold of 0.02BTC.
Hurry and start claiming free BTC Now!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin For Profit

How To Make Money Trading Bitcoin

How To make Money With Bitcoin Faucets

How To generate Bitcoins For Free

How to generate bitcoins for free is one of the questions people that are just embracing the Cryptocurrency technology always ask.

They know bitcoin like other cryptocurrencies will be the future mode of payments and just want to amass as much bitcoin as is possible.

But wait, can one really get bitcoins free?

Yes it's possible to earn free bitcoin but it will be just too small a quantity and will consume too much of your time.

Generating bitcoins the free way is not the best way to earn bitcoin but if you have spare time, you can earn some free bitcoin this way.

So you still want to generate bitcoin the free way? ok let get started!

#1. Paid To click Websites (PTC) 

I see alot of bitcoin based ptc sites nowadays. So if you are out to get free bitcoin by the paid to click means, all you have to do is join a ptc website then view ads ranging from 5sec, 10sec or 20 sec and get paid.

This is how ptc sites are able to pay you; they look for marketers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, network marketers etc or anybody that have a website or affiliate link to promote, then they charge such person a certain amount of bitcoin to show their ads and get clicks on their links.
Then the ptc site will give you tasks of clicking and viewing the ads. After you have viewed the ads for a certain amount of time then the ptc site will pay you a certain percentage of the bitcoin paid to them by the advertiser.

#2. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites where you can claim free bitcoins at certain time intervals. It can be every 5 mins, 10 mins, hourly etc. The only problem with this way of claiming free bitcoins is that the bitcoin you will get will be way too small and you have to be solving Captchas every time you want to claim the free bitcoin which can be quite annoying.
To start generating free bitcoin with Faucets just enter your bitcoin wallet address on the space provided on the bitcoin faucet site and click signup.
Then start claiming the free bitcoin. Some pay directly to your bitcoin wallet anytime and others you have to reach a payment threshold before you can process a payout.

#3. Write For Blogs

You can also get free bitcoins by writing for some new blogs that need to post articles regularly on their blogs. So what you have to do is go to google and search for "bitcoin blogs that needs a writer"
If you are a good writer and have basic ideas about bitcoin, you might earn a good amount of bitcoin this way. You signup on the site, write articles about bitcoin, once your article is reviewed and approved you get paid.

#4. Bitcoin Investment Sites
The bitcoin investment sites would have been the best way to earn free bitcoin for newbies but there are lots of sharks out there only to scam you of your invested bitcoin. They give you lot of fake promises and unusually high rate of returns. Most of them are like hyip and promise to double, tripple your bitcoin in 24hrs, 36hrs, 100hrs etc.
If you must generate free bitcoin through investment site you have to do your research very well and know who you are sending your bitcoins.
Please not that once you send your bitcoin to these investment sites, the transaction can not be reversed. So only play with the bitcoin amount you know you can afford to lose.
Don't send them your life saving, incase you don't see the returns.

#5 Bitcoin affiliate Marketing.
This is a very good way to earn free bitcoin but you need to know about marketing and how to refer people. If you are good at marketing then generating free bitcoin through this way is a good option for you. All you do is look for sites that will pay you certain amount of commission like 5%, 10%, 50% etc just by referring customers to them. Once those customers sign up or make a purchase then you earn a commission.

#6.  Bitcoin Trading.
Just like forex you can trade bitcoin against currencies or other cryptocurrencies. But requires alot of knowledge and experience for you to earn bitcoin. Don't just open account with bitcoin trading site, learn how to do it first. Once you have a good knowledge of  how the bitcoin trading works then you can now commit your bitcoin to it.

#7 Bitcoin Exchanger
 If you have some capital to start with, you can become a bitcoin exchanger  and earn free bitcoin. How you do this is look for people that have bitcoin and want to sell. Buy from those people at a very low rate. You can search facebook for people that wants to sell their bitcoin. I see a lot of them every day. Then after successfully buying at a low rate, look for people that want to buy bitcoin to join bitcoin matrix, rev share, ptc etc and sell to them at a rate slightly higher than what you bought.

Monday, February 13, 2017

How To Secure Your Bitcoin Wallet

5 Most Common Types of Bitcoin Scams and How To Avoid Them

Bitcoin scam is rampant these days and a lot of bitcoin programs with fake promises are springing up everywhere.
You therefore needs to be vigilant in order not to lose your hard earned bitcoins to those bitcoin scammers.

Basically there are 5 types of bitcoin scams

1. Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes: The owners of these ponzi schemes usually lure unsuspecting investors with extremely high rate of returns on investment. If  you suspect the rate of returns on any bitcoin investment you are about to join looks too good to be true, you actually might be right. So ran far far away from those Bitcoin Ponzi schemes or you will be scammed and lose your bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin Wallet Scams: A Bitcoin wallet is where you keep your bitcoin and you can be scammed with a bitcoin wallet if you are not careful.
People who scam with bitcoin wallet usually will tell you their bitcoin Wallet is the safest and most secure way to keep and transact your bitcoin.
Once you deposit your bitcoin with them, they will allow the wallet to work for some time and after that they transfer your bitcoin anonymously and you have just being scammed.
So when choosing a bitcoin wallet, do your research and choose wisely.

3. Bitcoin Exchanges Scam: Be always careful when buying  bitcoin  from bitcoin ex-changers. Some ex-changers are out to scam you of your bitcoin by charging low card processing fee just to lure you to buy from them.
Once you  use your card to buy from them, your money is gone and you will never receive any bitcoin from them.

4. Bitcoin Mining Investment Scams: Bitcoin like other crypto-currencies are mined. Bitcoin Mining requires a lot  of  investments and mines operators tend to look for investors that can contribute money so that they can buy all the equipment required for the Bitcoin mining and make their profit back when they mine the bitcoin.
Some of those Bitcoin Mines operator are just con-artists and when you buy any Bitcoin mining contract with them they will just divert your money for their personal use and disappear.

5. Bitcoin Phishing Scams: Bitcoin scammers that uses this phishing method sends email to unsuspecting bitcoin users and include a link for them to claim free bitcoin reward. However before the reward can be claimed you have to login to your bitcoin wallet. Once you do that your login credentials are stolen and they can later have access to your account and transfer your bitcoin.

Buy / Sell Your Bitcoins at and Get Cash Within 15 Minutes.

Are you a Bitcoin Exchanger and not getting enough sales or just buy and sell bitcoin online but need a safe and secure way to buy and sell your bitcoin online without getting scammed?

Then Buy/Sell Your Bitcoins at  without fear of being scammed of your hard earned Bitcoins and get Paid in less than 15minutes.

Remitano is a very awesome concept and market place for buyers and sellers of  btc. It's a peer to peer market place and you can transact your btc with peace of mind.

Click Here To Signup at Remitano

  How To Buy/Sell Bitcoin With Remitano Website

After successful sign up above, then enter this into your browser "" and click on login at the top right hand corner.

After clicking on Login then enter your email and click on continue

Once you enter your email above and click on continue, remitano will send you login email, go to your email, sign and you will see email from remitano "Log in to Remitano" then click on
 "Log me in Remitano"

After successful sign in you are ready to buy/sell  btc with remitano.

Click on buy/sell btc

Once you click on buy/sell btc then scroll down the page and you will see the list of  sellers and buyers

So depending on what type of transaction you want to do, you can see the list of sellers and buyers.

If you want to buy bitcoin then you will browse the list of buyers and see the seller that is using the same bank with you and has the amount of bitcoin you will like to buy.

Also if you will like to sell, browse the list of buyers and see who is willing to buy the amount of bitcoin you have and is using the same bank with you.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn $225 in 72Hours with Starting with Just $25

Always Pays Review is to enlighten you about how the program operates. I just realized that most people find it difficult to understand the basic concept of the Always pays program.

Alwayspays is a member to member donation program based on bitcoin and cash. unlike other donation programs that are based strictly on bitcoin. New members that are not bitcoin users already find it challenging operating a bitcoin wallet, sending and receiving bitcoin and finding the hash tag. Alwaypays has eliminated this problem by providing the option of direct bank deposit.
So if you don't have a bitcoin wallet, You  just use the direct bank deposit option to upgrade your account.

Always pays has only 2 Levels that made it distinct from other bitcoin donation matrix
When you Register here  , you have to upgrade by paying a $25 upgrade fee with bitcoin or N12,000 through direct bank deposit.
Then your account will be upgraded to level 1 and you can now receive payments from other members of the Always pays program.

In Level 1 you with be matched with 9 members to pay you $25 or N12,000 each within 25 Days making a total earning of $225 or N108,000 for Level 1.
But if you want the auto referral bots to work for you then you will refer just 3 people and auto referral bot will speed up your payment making it possible for you to get payments from 9 members in just about 72hours and this is what makes the program HOT.

In Level 2 you upgrade with $70 or N33,600  and 27 members will pay your N33,600 each making a total earning of $1,890 or N907,200 in 9 Days.

The only limit the Always Pays program has is, you can not jump directly to Level 2 but move from Level1 first then to Level 2.

That is just how Always pays program can make you $2,115 or N1,015,200 with just a $25 or N12,000 investment.

You can Signup Here

How To upgrade Always Pays Account.

Once you register, then sign in with the username and password you used to register.
Click on upgrade and you will be presented with the information of the person you are matched with to pay.
Copy the payment details of the person either bank details or bitcoin wallet address.
Pay the required activation fee of #25.
After payment call the person you just paid to confirm your payment and your account will be upgraded to Level 1.
Congratulations you can now start receiving Payments too with the  Alwayspays Auto referral.

How to know if you Qualify for Always pays Auto referral and be matched for Payment within 72 Hours.

After successful upgrade your Auto referral will be at 25%. As you refer the required 3 people your auto referral percentage will start building up.

  • when you refer just 1 person you autoreferral moves upto 50%
  • when you refer 2 people your autoreferral moves upto 75%
  • when you refer 3 people your autoreferral moves upto 100%

Then you need not refer again!

You will be matched with 9 people that will pay your $25 or N12,000 totalling N108,000 with in 72 Hours.

Isn't that amazing?

Then what are you waiting for?

Hurry and join Today, Hurry and Join Now!
Join Now