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Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Btc Life Review: Earn 1.026BTC Profit Every 30 Days.

This is going to be the most honest My Btc Life Review you are going to see online.
This is because i won't be hiding any fact away from you.
Few days ago, i stumbled on  mybtclife website and i was curious to know more about the website.

What attracted me to the mybtclife website?

The compensation Plan!

I've been in the industry for sometime and when i see a good program, i think i should know.
Based on my own intuition i knew mybtclife will be a great program to promote.

After deciding i want to be part of the program, i started digging to know more about the program.
At least to know more about it before i get involved or signup.

What did i find out about my btc life!

First and foremost i was able to discover the 2 Admins:  Lubos Hollan and Tousif Parvez.

This Duo are also the Admins of Bitdonix.

My Btc Life compensation plan was changed from a 3x4 matrix to 2x4 matrix to make it more
appealing to new members.

The Previous pay plan was suspended on February 25th 2017, upgrades done and the new Pyplan launched on February 28th 2017.

Since the relaunch the website has being growing stronger each day and the total members now is about 2597.

My Btc Life Signup.

The signup process was not hitch free as the "Create Account" Button was not responding on the website. I contacted the Admins to let them know the problem and they swiftly worked to resolve the problems.

So i was able to signup.

The other problem i experienced was the Login problem.

After signup, i was not able to login because of some Captcha problem.

But that also was resolved and every other thing proceeded smoothly.

So why Did i not just Forget about My btc Life in spite of the Signup Challenges?

Well i have told you  before that i was attracted to my btc life because of the unique compensation Plan.
This revamped my btc Life compensation plan makes it possible for any hard working network marketer to earn about 1.026BTC Profit  in 30Days Starting with just 0.003BTC.

Above all the company looks sustainable and the Admins are Trustworthy.

If you encounter any challenges during signup or whatever challenges you have about the program,
all you have to do is chat directly with the 2 Admins on facebook.
They are always ready to help resolve any problem you have about the program.

Lets Have a Closer Look At The MybtcLife Compensation Plan.

If you are like me, and have keen interest in Bitcoin donation matrix then you can't miss this for anything!

  • You join the matrix and upgrade to level 1 by sending a donation of 0.003BTC to your upline.
  • Then you refer just only 2 people who will send you a donation of 0.003BTC each = 0.006BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 2) by sending a donation of 0.005BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.005BTC from 4 people = 0.02BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 3) by sending a donation of 0.015BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.015BTC from 8 people = 0.12BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 4) by sending a donation of 0.06BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.06BTC from 16 people = 0.96BTC
That is a good 1.026BTC profit with just 16 people in your matrix.

Isn't that awesome?

If you Like this mybtclife Review and feel like yeah, i want join!

I will like to work with you.
and also Add me on Whatsapp: +2348095047992

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Get Daily Referrals Fast For Bitcoin Matrix or other Mlm with Banner Ad Blaster

My friend, why do you look so worried?
is it because you still can't figure out how to get just a single
referral to the bitcoin matrix you are promoting?

But your upline or other team members a getting daily signups.


It's not just that difficult to get signups!

I'm able to get new members almost on a daily basis ready to join any
Bitcoin matrix that i promote.

And I'm just an ordinary guy and not a professional Network Marketer.
So if i can manage to get signups, then you too can do it.

You don't need to be jealous, getting daily signups is after all not Rocket Science!

So let start by checking how you are promoting your bitcoin program, to know exactly what
you have being doing wrong.

Your friend on facebook just post on his timeline:

"Turn $1 to $1000 in 30days No need to work. 
I will promote for you 
Lots of spillovers
Click here to signup"

You feel like wow!

You just rushed to the website, signup pay the $1 and upgrade.

After that you just abondon the business and wait for the 30days to go and reap

Do you atually think it will work that way?

If that has worked for you, good.

You are lucky and one in a million.


You just follow the style of one of my friends,

After he signed up for the

he post on his time line

Do you think this my friend will also make the $1000 in 30 days?

Well i don't think so.

So what are the Top Network marketers doing that you are not doing?


what can you do to get the results that they are getting?

See my friend, The First thing those power recruiters do is they have a marketing plan.

So the very first step to your success when you join any Network Marketing Program is to have a marketing plan.

Yes, when you have a marketing plan you will know where and how to advertise your links, how
to do follow up with your leads, How to lead your team and teach them the very same
strategy you are using to get results.

They have mastered one or more form of advertisement and stick to it untill they get results.
There various forms of adertisment you can use to also promote your link
such as;

  •  Payper click PPC, bing ad, google adwords etc
  • Youtube and video marketing,
  • Social Media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc.
  • Blogging on platforms like blogger, wordpress etc
  • Email Marketing.
  • Traffic Exchanges
  • SoloAds
  • Article Marketing
  • Banner Ads

The Top Network marketers, even though they don't tell you probably have used some of those advertising methods over a long period of time and have  built email list already.

This what they do, while you are busy chasing your family, friends and neighbors all around
to join your new mlm.
They just sit in a very cool spot, write a very good  compelling email and blast to their list.

With this they get the necessary signups required in just few minutes while you are still searching
everywhere for referral everywhere.

This is unfair advantage right?

So How Do You Get Daily Referral Fast for Your Bitcoin Matrix?

What if there can be a less stressful way for you to pull a joker and get your signups too
even without talking to anybody including your friends on facebook!

Did You just say thank you?  That is exactly what i've being looking for!

Well i will show you a secret way to get your referral link  in front of your buyers, with this set and forget Banner Ad system.

Have you heard or seen a banner Ads before?

If you have then good.

We will leverage this advertising method to get daily referral and signups even though we
don't have a big buyers list like our top mlm leaders.

Banner Ad Blaster is a website that will save you both time and money.

With just a little amount depending on the plan you have chosen, BAB will display your banner Ads virally  on more than 181 advertising websites.

Banner Ad Blaster has 3 plans, Free, Silver & Gold.

They accept Bitcoin Payment through coinbase.
Other Payment Options Supported includes Payza, Solidtrust Pay, Payeer etc.

While You Promote Your Primary Bitcoin Matrix, You can earn 50% Affiliate commission when
you refer your downlines to banner Ad banner.

This is a win-win situation. They get signups to their main bitcoin matrix and also earn affiliate commission when they do the same.

What are you waiting for?
Click here Now To Register And Start getting Daily Referrals to your Bitcoin matrix.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How To Do Paypal To Bitcoin Instant Exchange with Bitkonga.

Have you being looking desperately for a way to do paypal to bitcoin instant exchange?

Then this is the solution you have being searching for!

Few weeks ago, i wanted to sell my paypal fund but most buyers don't want to buy
small quantity less than $50.

But i needed this fund to complete payment for a program.

So i started searching for how to convert paypal to bitcoin.

I know that i can easily and quickly sell bitcoin even if it's small quanity.

After i searched, searched and searched checking out all the bitcoin exchangers but could not get a good one to process the exchange for me.

Then i searched for "bitcoin to perfect money exchanger".

One of the search results was a nigerian forum, nairaland.

On the forum i saw a banner ad for paypal to bitcoin instant exchange.

Clicked on the banner to check out the website and viola!

That is what i've being looking for.

The website is Bitkonga.

Even though i used to see this website before, i've never checked it out to see if it offers
paypal to bitcoin instant exchange;

So how do i  exchange paypal to bitcoin with bitkonga?

  • First Signup Here.
  • Then Login.
  • At the top on the home page, click on "exchange
  • Then, on the page you will see the bitcoin exchange dashboard.
  • On the send side, click on the drop down menu from the box provided and choose "Paypal usd"
  • On the next box down enter the amount of  paypal usd to wish to sell or convert.
  • Go to otherside, Receive and on the box provided click the drop down menu and click "Bitcoin BTC".
  • Then click on "exchange"
  • On the next page "Additional Information"
  • Enter your email and bitcoin wallet address in the space provided and click on "process exchange"
  • Once you do that, you will be taken to paypal website where you will complete the payment.
  • Once the payment goes through, you just wait patiently for bitkonga to send your bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet address you have already provided.

The whole process should take less than 30 mins and Bitkonga charges a certain percentage for this transaction.

Bitkonga don't only exchange paypal to bitcoin but also to perfectmoney, bank transfer, okpay
and vice versa.

Bitkonga Processed Transaction Sample

Monday, March 20, 2017

How Do i Convert Bitcoin to Naira?

Do you want to join any bitcoin program but confused on how to convert bitcoin to naira?

You are not alone on this because a lot of my subscribers ask me this same question everyday. 

How Do i Convert Bitcoin To Naira?

Let say you want to signup for program such as, the minimum investment amount for this bitcoin investment website is 0.01 BTC.

So how much in naira is 0.01 BTC?

The bitcoin price varies and it's constantly changing. 

The best way to convert bitcoin to Naira is by heading over to google and do a search for "convert bitcoin to Naira" 

then enter the bitcoin value in the box provide . For example 0.01 BTC. 

You will automatically get the Naira equivalent like in the image below.