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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn Unlimited Bitcoins with MyCycler starting with just $10
My Cycler is the perpetual money making Machine which keeps making you $50 over and over again!

Have you heard about My cycler yet?

Well it is brand new and it was launched on 28th November 2016, so i will pardon you if you
have not heard about it yet.

I'm actually writing this my cycler review having you in mind
so that you can know exactly what this program is all about.

My Cycler is advertising company founded by Manos Sergakis.
The company promise to offer members quality advertisement
for their other programs, network marketing training inform of
videos and ebooks and earnings through straight line forced matrix
and new technology high speed cycler.

So how much does it cost to join my cycler?

I know you will ask this! Each of the subscription pack of
my cycler cost just $10.

What will i earn with earn $10 subcription?

Very good, each $10 subscription is what is making the company
to be a perpetual $50 money making machine.

With you $10, the company will open a $2 postion each for you on a 3x1 forced
straight line matrix for 5 consecutive days.

  • This $2 position will place you on Level1.
on this level1 you actually will earn $6 commission but the company will
not pay you yet, instead they will automatically buy Level 2 position of $4
for you and another Level 1 position of $2.

  • Then When you cycle through Level 2 you will earn $12. $8 will be used to buy you
a level 3 position and $2 will be used to buy you another Level 1 position and $2
profit will be kept for you.

  • Level 3 is also a 3x1 so you earn $24. $16 will be used to buy a level 4 position for
you and $2 to buy another Level 1 position for you, $2 will be paid to your sponsor
and $4 profit for you.

  • Level 4 is 3x1 so you cycle out and earn $48. $32 is used to buy you a level 5 position,
$2 to buy you another level 1 position. $6 is paid to your sponsor and $8 for your profit.

  • Level 5 is the last level for each $2 postion that you start and you will earn $96
out of which they company will buy 20 new Level  1 position for you with $40. $10
is paid to your sponsor and $36 for your profit.

This go on and on and this is why i call this my cycler the perpetual money
making machine.

So for each $20 position you will earn $50 profit and set another 24nos $2 position
that will earn you $50 each too. This continues on and on non stop.

This my cycler compensation plan is ingenious and i've never seen anything close to it.

So what payment processor does my Cycler use?

Bitcoin, solidtrustpay, payza, payeer.

What other benefits can i get from my cycler?

You will get advertising credits to promote your other programs. If you still want more you can buy advertising credits for text ads, login ads, banner ads etc.

How do i join my cycler?

Click on the sign up button below to start your very own pertual money making machine for just $10.
Note that you can buy as many position as possible.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

How To make Money with Bitcoin in Zarfund Bitcoin Donation Matrix

Have you being looking for a legit source of passive income?

Then Zarfund  offers you a way to make money with bitcoin.

You  easily can fuel your car, pay your rent, kids school fees,

buy your Christmas clothes and much more.

Most people are not still aware of the earning potential

of zarfund when you do it the right way.

Zarfund is best done as a team and when you are part of

a very active and fast growing team, you will make money with bitcoin

faster than doing it all alone by yourself.

I present to you the Zarfund stress free group where you

will have opportunity to interact with like minded people

that want to make money with bitcoin in a legit way.

If you really are looking for a way to earn passive income

then this opportunity you've being waiting for!

As we all know starting and growing a business requires alot

of capital, energy and time but all of these has been solved with


All you need is just a TOKEN of 0.03 BTC( N13,500 ) to upgrade your account to

start earning IMMEDIATELY and about 30mins daily to build the business.

Earning passive income online has never been this easy so take action today

and start your journey to unlimited earnings with zarfund

Click on Sign up to register Now!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How To Upgrade Zarfund Account and Earn upto 164BTC

Did you just registered for a free zarfund Account and want to know how to upgrade Zarfund account and start earning?

Zarfund Account upgrade is quite easy, all you have to do is just follow a few steps even if you have not done any bitcoin transaction before this guide will show you all you have to do.

1. The first step is go to and click on "SIGNIN"

2. After Login you will see your dashboard similar to the one below

3. Click on "Add your Bitcoin Wallet to receive donations"

4. How to get your Bitcoin Wallet Address if go to, click on wallet, click on login in Now and you will see a dashboard similar to the picture below. Then click on receive and copy the bitcoin Address generated.

4. After adding you bitcoin wallet address to receive earning then you are ready for zarfund account upgrade. Click on dashboard and click on upgrade to the next stage.

5. Copy the Bitcoin Address you are to donate to and head over to www.block

6. Signin and click on send, paste the bitcoin address and enter the amount 0.03, then click on send.

7. Then you need to get the transaction "Hashid"

8. how to get the transaction Hashid

9. Step 1: Go to

10. Step 2: Go to Home

Step 3: Paste the address you need to pay in the search box and search.

4. see the arrow ponting to the transaction hash id and copy the similar one you find after following the above step

5. Go back to zarfund to submit the hashid, paste the transaction Hash ID you copied from blockchain and paste in the box below, enter the amount you sent 0.03BTC and click submit.

 then wait for your account to be upgraded automatically.

Monday, November 14, 2016

How To Money Online with Bitcoin: Earn upto 164 Bitcoin With Zarfund in 30 Days

When people complain, i want to start this business, do this and that but i have no money to start.
I keep wondering has this fellow being living under the cave?

Have you not heard about Zarfund?
Yes Zarfund!

Zarfund is a bitcoin based member to member donation program.
This program has been setup to help you with direct funding of your financial needs.
So what ever is your need zarfund is there to help you.

But is this not Mlm or Networking because i can not refer people?

I know most people that are new to networking find it difficult to refer people,
but that problem has been solved already.
So no more waiting endlessly to get signups, with our automated referral system you
will get signups within 24 hrs of upgrading your account.

Do i need to pay any money to join?

Yes, like i said earlier this is a donation program, each person must donate before they
qualify to receive donations.

So how much do i have to donate for my account to be upgraded?

You need to donate 0.03btc($20) for your account to be upgraded. You have nothing to loose
here as you will probably get 100% of that back once you get your first signup and everything after that is profit.

How will i be paid?

Like i said, zarfund is a bitcoin based program so you will pay in bitcoin and receive donations in bitcoin.

What is bitcoin because i have never heard about bitcoin?
Bitcoin is money. But not physical cash, it is a digital currency and 1 Bitcoin is worth about $720 which makes it
to be it to be the best thing you can invest in now.

How much can i make in the Zarfund Program?

Well the Zarfund is a 2 x 6 matrix and when you complete the matrix you will make about 164Bitcoin($118,000)
But this is spread over the 6 Levels.
Level 1 = 0.06BTC
Level 2 = 0.2BTC
Level 3 = 0.8BTC
Level 4 = 3.2BTC
Level 5 = 32BTC
Level 6 = 128BTC

But i still can not understand how this can help me, then comment on this post and i will personally show you all you have to do to
help your financies with this zarfund donation program.

I'm ready to Join, what do i do?

Yes, you don't need to do much. Go here now and register

Sunday, November 13, 2016 Review is a bitcoin program based on matrix and binary.

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Make Money with Bitcoin Referral Program is a very simple but effective bitcoin referral program which you can start with just $1 it's one of the easiest way to make money with bitcoin.

It's paying and about the easiest bitcoin business you can start anywhere in the World.
All you have to do is Signup here and start earning

Easybitco How to Signup

To join easybitco and earn bitcoin is just in 7 easy steps.

2. Once on the website enter your bitcoin wallet address and click signup

3. On the next page click on generate deposit address

4. Once you click on generate deposit address then a new page will open with the deposit address

5. Copy the generated bitcoin wallet address and head over to to send $1(0.00143472BTC) to the address

6. Wait for Confirmation of your deposit

7. After about 3 confirmations your affiliate referral url will be generated and you can start sharing with your friends to recieve 50% commission on every sale you referred to the website.

That means on every signup through your affiliate link you will earn $0.5. It doesn't seem much but when you have a very good traffic source this can be a good passive income earner. You can make $50 - $100 dollars per month with this.

I have personally not made much money in this program but the easybitco program is paying.

Easybitco Payment Proof

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How To Earn $20 - $40 Daily Online with The iCharityclub

iCharityclub  is  donation program where you can earn $20 GUARANTEED per referral on grade 1.
The earnings or donations as it's being called is sent from one member's account to another member's account. Therefore iCharity is a member to member donation Program.
It is Free to Join the iCharity donation club and your free account is only active for 3 days. Therefore to earn donations from other members of the iCharityclub each member joining the club must first send a donation of $20 to their upline.

ICharity is a 5x10 Matrix and each member is expected to refer atleast 5 people on grade 1. After completing the 5 signups on grade1 and successful upgrade to grade 2, then a member can enjoy the full benefit of the club and as a grade 2 member doesn't need to refer anymore to earn in the donation program.

How to signup and upgrade your iCharity club Account.

To register for the iCharityclub is quite easy just follow the following steps.

1. Click Here to register
2. After clicking the above link then you will see a page similar to the one above, Fill the form and click on submit.
3. After Clicking on Submit you will see a page like this, a message will be sent to your mail  containing your username and password.

4. Login to your mail and grab the username and password, then on click login now.

5. Once you click on Login Now in step 4 you will then see a page similar to the above page, enter your username and password sent to your mail then the verification code and click submit

6. Once you login you will be taken to your dashboard and on your dashboard, click on "USER ACCOUNT" drop down menu.

You have 3 options there; upgrade membership, update profile & Bank Accounts.

7.Click on Bank Accounts and Fill in your payment details

8. Click on update profile and change any profile settings you want to change

9. Click on upgrade membership and it will reveal to you the account details you will pay to.

10. Copy the account details and pay the required upgrade amount.

11. Scan and upload the evidence of payment, teller, receipt, transfer sheet etc

12. Contact your upline through the email and phone number on his/her profile

13.You acoount will be activated.

14. Go back to the dashboard, click on "marketing" dropdown menu, then click on "Referral url" then you will see your referral url.

15. Copy your referral url and start sharing with your friend and family to start earning $20 per signup.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bitsplan Review: Grow Your 0.005 Bitcoin to 82 Bitcoins in 30 Days.

Bitsplan is an affordable bitcoin based member to member donation Program. This program is the favorite of so many people because of one specific reason; Low entry cost. Unlike other other bitcoin donation programs you can easily start this with just $3(0.005BTC) . I mean who doesn't have at least $3 to start a business.

iCharity Review: How to make money online in Nigeria

iCharity is a systematic way to make money online in Nigeria. It is member to member donation program in which every member donates and receive donations.

iCharity uses all the various forms of payment, direct bank deposit, paypal, payza, western union, bitcoin etc.

It is not a suscription based program but for you to increase your earning you have to upgrade to higher level.