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Saturday, December 3, 2016

How To Earn 200% on Your Bitcoin Investment in 30 Days with MMM United

MMM United is a bitcoin based program where members provide help to other members voluntarily and also get help back after a 30 days period with 100% profit returns of the amount of bitcoin used in providing the help.

MMM United started in August 2016 and is gaining acceptability from the public because of the way the website operates. Everything is automatic and if you are already a bitcoin user this program will appeal to you.

How Does MMM United Works?

The  first thing you need to do is register on the mmmunited website.
Once you have an active account, then click on provide help which should be in multiples of $10 i.e you can provide help of $20, $100, $1000 etc.

Then when you are matched, you will be contacted to send bitcoin to a bitcoin wallet address of other participants in the mmm united that has requested for help.

Copy the bitcoin wallet address head over to or other wallet that you use then send the specified amount of bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet address.

Then take a screenshot of that transaction and upload as proof of payment upload on the mmm united website.

The participant that Get the help will then confirm the transaction and your Provide Help is then completed.

After you have completed your provide for help, your account will start to grow in this manner.

  • 20% for the first 10days i.e 2% daily from Day 1 -10
  • 30% for the next 10 days i.e 3% daily from Day 11 -20
  • 50% for the last 10days i.e 5% daily from day 21 - 30
making 100% in 30 Days.

After the complete 30days you can then cashout your mavros and Request for Help.

Other members that are willing to provide help will be matched with you, and send bitcoins in the amount of help you have requested i.e 100% invested amount plus registration bonus and 100% profit also in multiples of $10 to your bitcoin wallet.

Once the bitcoin has being sent to your wallet, the participant will upload proof of payment and once you confirm it the Get help process will be completed.

Then you can request for another help and wait for another 30days to get help.

Join the MMM United Here Now and start getting help of 200% of your invested bitcoin amount every month.

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