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Monday, April 10, 2017

3 Reasons You Are Not Making Money with Bitcoin donation Matrix or Any mlm Matrix

How do you always feel when you see screenshot of top network marketers making money with bitcoin donation matrix?
Well for me, i feel always excited because i know matrix program works! At least those that are making money with it can testify to this.
If you are not  making money yet with bitcoin donation matrix then you must be doing something wrong!

In this my post, i will tell you three reasons i have identified could be behind people not making money with bitcoin donation matrix.

1. The first reason i have identified is most people find it difficult getting their 2 downlines or referrals. Getting 2 people to signup under you shouldn't be a problem, but  some people can not just figure out how to do this.
This is the most crucial reason for failure in bitcoin donation matrix. If team members can not get their 2 downlines each, then the team will not grow as fast as expected even though some team members might be able to refer more than 2 and send spillovers to downlines.
Every team leader needs to teach their downlines the basic concept of  how to get the 2 downlines.
Having a specific marketing plan that can easily be duplicated can easily solve this problem and instead of your bitcoin matrix heading for failure, your team will grow stronger and each member of the team earn more btc.

2. The second reason you will not make any money with bitcoin donation matrix is failure to understand the compensation plan and eating your earnings. Most people fail with bitcoin donation matrix solely because of this reason. Because earnings goes straight to your bitcoin wallet, you might be tempted to spend it and find it difficult to upgrade to the next level.
To solve this problem, team leaders need to educate the members that you can only spend your profit on each level not the entire donations you received.

For example  When you join mybtclife, you upgrade to level 1 with 0.003btc. Then you refer just 2 people who each will donate 0.003btc directly to your bitcoin wallet. Then you get 2x0.003btc = 0.006btc. If you make mistake of spending your 0.006btc then you will find it difficult to upgrade to Level 2.
On the other hand if you keep the 0.006btc and upgrade to level2 with 0.005btc. You will be left with 0.001btc. This is your profit for Level1 and you can spend it with out affecting your matrix upgrade fee.

3. The last but not the least reason you will not make money with bitcoin donation matrix is failure to upgrade to the next level.
I've been in this industry for some time now and i have experienced this in some matrix. Majority of people joining a matrix has one specific aim and that is let me get my money back! Some once they get their initial upgrade fee back then then will not want to upgrade to the next level. This is not healthy for a bitcoin donation matrix because it's only when you upgrade that you can get higher earnings.
Not upgrading to a higher level when you have received all the donations from a particular level means you are actually losing money!

For example
Mybtclife is a 2x4 matrix.
You signup and upgrade with 0.003btc, You refer 2 and earn 2x0.003btc = 0.006btc
You Upgrade to Level 2 with 0.005btc and earn 0.005 x 4 = 0.02btc. If you refuse to upgrade with 0.005 then you will not earn 0.02btc. You see that you are actually losing by not upgrading!

What is required for a bitcoin donation matrix to be successful and for you to make money with it after doing those above 3 reasons is patience and discipline. If you are patient and disciplined and so does other team members, You will surely make moeny with bitcoin donation matrix.

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