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Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Btc Life Review: Earn 1.026BTC Profit Every 30 Days.

This is going to be the most honest My Btc Life Review you are going to see online.
This is because i won't be hiding any fact away from you.
Few days ago, i stumbled on  mybtclife website and i was curious to know more about the website.

What attracted me to the mybtclife website?

The compensation Plan!

I've been in the industry for sometime and when i see a good program, i think i should know.
Based on my own intuition i knew mybtclife will be a great program to promote.

After deciding i want to be part of the program, i started digging to know more about the program.
At least to know more about it before i get involved or signup.

What did i find out about my btc life!

First and foremost i was able to discover the 2 Admins:  Lubos Hollan and Tousif Parvez.

This Duo are also the Admins of Bitdonix.

My Btc Life compensation plan was changed from a 3x4 matrix to 2x4 matrix to make it more
appealing to new members.

The Previous pay plan was suspended on February 25th 2017, upgrades done and the new Pyplan launched on February 28th 2017.

Since the relaunch the website has being growing stronger each day and the total members now is about 2597.

My Btc Life Signup.

The signup process was not hitch free as the "Create Account" Button was not responding on the website. I contacted the Admins to let them know the problem and they swiftly worked to resolve the problems.

So i was able to signup.

The other problem i experienced was the Login problem.

After signup, i was not able to login because of some Captcha problem.

But that also was resolved and every other thing proceeded smoothly.

So why Did i not just Forget about My btc Life in spite of the Signup Challenges?

Well i have told you  before that i was attracted to my btc life because of the unique compensation Plan.
This revamped my btc Life compensation plan makes it possible for any hard working network marketer to earn about 1.026BTC Profit  in 30Days Starting with just 0.003BTC.

Above all the company looks sustainable and the Admins are Trustworthy.

If you encounter any challenges during signup or whatever challenges you have about the program,
all you have to do is chat directly with the 2 Admins on facebook.
They are always ready to help resolve any problem you have about the program.

Lets Have a Closer Look At The MybtcLife Compensation Plan.

If you are like me, and have keen interest in Bitcoin donation matrix then you can't miss this for anything!

  • You join the matrix and upgrade to level 1 by sending a donation of 0.003BTC to your upline.
  • Then you refer just only 2 people who will send you a donation of 0.003BTC each = 0.006BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 2) by sending a donation of 0.005BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.005BTC from 4 people = 0.02BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 3) by sending a donation of 0.015BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.015BTC from 8 people = 0.12BTC
  • You upgrade to the next level (Level 4) by sending a donation of 0.06BTC to the person assigned by the system.
  • Then you receive 0.06BTC from 16 people = 0.96BTC
That is a good 1.026BTC profit with just 16 people in your matrix.

Isn't that awesome?

If you Like this mybtclife Review and feel like yeah, i want join!

I will like to work with you.
and also Add me on Whatsapp: +2348095047992

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