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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How To Do Paypal To Bitcoin Instant Exchange with Bitkonga.

Have you being looking desperately for a way to do paypal to bitcoin instant exchange?

Then this is the solution you have being searching for!

Few weeks ago, i wanted to sell my paypal fund but most buyers don't want to buy
small quantity less than $50.

But i needed this fund to complete payment for a program.

So i started searching for how to convert paypal to bitcoin.

I know that i can easily and quickly sell bitcoin even if it's small quanity.

After i searched, searched and searched checking out all the bitcoin exchangers but could not get a good one to process the exchange for me.

Then i searched for "bitcoin to perfect money exchanger".

One of the search results was a nigerian forum, nairaland.

On the forum i saw a banner ad for paypal to bitcoin instant exchange.

Clicked on the banner to check out the website and viola!

That is what i've being looking for.

The website is Bitkonga.

Even though i used to see this website before, i've never checked it out to see if it offers
paypal to bitcoin instant exchange;

So how do i  exchange paypal to bitcoin with bitkonga?

  • First Signup Here.
  • Then Login.
  • At the top on the home page, click on "exchange
  • Then, on the page you will see the bitcoin exchange dashboard.
  • On the send side, click on the drop down menu from the box provided and choose "Paypal usd"
  • On the next box down enter the amount of  paypal usd to wish to sell or convert.
  • Go to otherside, Receive and on the box provided click the drop down menu and click "Bitcoin BTC".
  • Then click on "exchange"
  • On the next page "Additional Information"
  • Enter your email and bitcoin wallet address in the space provided and click on "process exchange"
  • Once you do that, you will be taken to paypal website where you will complete the payment.
  • Once the payment goes through, you just wait patiently for bitkonga to send your bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet address you have already provided.

The whole process should take less than 30 mins and Bitkonga charges a certain percentage for this transaction.

Bitkonga don't only exchange paypal to bitcoin but also to perfectmoney, bank transfer, okpay
and vice versa.

Bitkonga Processed Transaction Sample

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