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Thursday, November 17, 2016

How To Upgrade Zarfund Account and Earn upto 164BTC

Did you just registered for a free zarfund Account and want to know how to upgrade Zarfund account and start earning?

Zarfund Account upgrade is quite easy, all you have to do is just follow a few steps even if you have not done any bitcoin transaction before this guide will show you all you have to do.

1. The first step is go to and click on "SIGNIN"

2. After Login you will see your dashboard similar to the one below

3. Click on "Add your Bitcoin Wallet to receive donations"

4. How to get your Bitcoin Wallet Address if go to, click on wallet, click on login in Now and you will see a dashboard similar to the picture below. Then click on receive and copy the bitcoin Address generated.

4. After adding you bitcoin wallet address to receive earning then you are ready for zarfund account upgrade. Click on dashboard and click on upgrade to the next stage.

5. Copy the Bitcoin Address you are to donate to and head over to www.block

6. Signin and click on send, paste the bitcoin address and enter the amount 0.03, then click on send.

7. Then you need to get the transaction "Hashid"

8. how to get the transaction Hashid

9. Step 1: Go to

10. Step 2: Go to Home

Step 3: Paste the address you need to pay in the search box and search.

4. see the arrow ponting to the transaction hash id and copy the similar one you find after following the above step

5. Go back to zarfund to submit the hashid, paste the transaction Hash ID you copied from blockchain and paste in the box below, enter the amount you sent 0.03BTC and click submit.

 then wait for your account to be upgraded automatically.

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