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Monday, November 14, 2016

How To Money Online with Bitcoin: Earn upto 164 Bitcoin With Zarfund in 30 Days

When people complain, i want to start this business, do this and that but i have no money to start.
I keep wondering has this fellow being living under the cave?

Have you not heard about Zarfund?
Yes Zarfund!

Zarfund is a bitcoin based member to member donation program.
This program has been setup to help you with direct funding of your financial needs.
So what ever is your need zarfund is there to help you.

But is this not Mlm or Networking because i can not refer people?

I know most people that are new to networking find it difficult to refer people,
but that problem has been solved already.
So no more waiting endlessly to get signups, with our automated referral system you
will get signups within 24 hrs of upgrading your account.

Do i need to pay any money to join?

Yes, like i said earlier this is a donation program, each person must donate before they
qualify to receive donations.

So how much do i have to donate for my account to be upgraded?

You need to donate 0.03btc($20) for your account to be upgraded. You have nothing to loose
here as you will probably get 100% of that back once you get your first signup and everything after that is profit.

How will i be paid?

Like i said, zarfund is a bitcoin based program so you will pay in bitcoin and receive donations in bitcoin.

What is bitcoin because i have never heard about bitcoin?
Bitcoin is money. But not physical cash, it is a digital currency and 1 Bitcoin is worth about $720 which makes it
to be it to be the best thing you can invest in now.

How much can i make in the Zarfund Program?

Well the Zarfund is a 2 x 6 matrix and when you complete the matrix you will make about 164Bitcoin($118,000)
But this is spread over the 6 Levels.
Level 1 = 0.06BTC
Level 2 = 0.2BTC
Level 3 = 0.8BTC
Level 4 = 3.2BTC
Level 5 = 32BTC
Level 6 = 128BTC

But i still can not understand how this can help me, then comment on this post and i will personally show you all you have to do to
help your financies with this zarfund donation program.

I'm ready to Join, what do i do?

Yes, you don't need to do much. Go here now and register

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