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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn Unlimited Bitcoins with MyCycler starting with just $10
My Cycler is the perpetual money making Machine which keeps making you $50 over and over again!

Have you heard about My cycler yet?

Well it is brand new and it was launched on 28th November 2016, so i will pardon you if you
have not heard about it yet.

I'm actually writing this my cycler review having you in mind
so that you can know exactly what this program is all about.

My Cycler is advertising company founded by Manos Sergakis.
The company promise to offer members quality advertisement
for their other programs, network marketing training inform of
videos and ebooks and earnings through straight line forced matrix
and new technology high speed cycler.

So how much does it cost to join my cycler?

I know you will ask this! Each of the subscription pack of
my cycler cost just $10.

What will i earn with earn $10 subcription?

Very good, each $10 subscription is what is making the company
to be a perpetual $50 money making machine.

With you $10, the company will open a $2 postion each for you on a 3x1 forced
straight line matrix for 5 consecutive days.

  • This $2 position will place you on Level1.
on this level1 you actually will earn $6 commission but the company will
not pay you yet, instead they will automatically buy Level 2 position of $4
for you and another Level 1 position of $2.

  • Then When you cycle through Level 2 you will earn $12. $8 will be used to buy you
a level 3 position and $2 will be used to buy you another Level 1 position and $2
profit will be kept for you.

  • Level 3 is also a 3x1 so you earn $24. $16 will be used to buy a level 4 position for
you and $2 to buy another Level 1 position for you, $2 will be paid to your sponsor
and $4 profit for you.

  • Level 4 is 3x1 so you cycle out and earn $48. $32 is used to buy you a level 5 position,
$2 to buy you another level 1 position. $6 is paid to your sponsor and $8 for your profit.

  • Level 5 is the last level for each $2 postion that you start and you will earn $96
out of which they company will buy 20 new Level  1 position for you with $40. $10
is paid to your sponsor and $36 for your profit.

This go on and on and this is why i call this my cycler the perpetual money
making machine.

So for each $20 position you will earn $50 profit and set another 24nos $2 position
that will earn you $50 each too. This continues on and on non stop.

This my cycler compensation plan is ingenious and i've never seen anything close to it.

So what payment processor does my Cycler use?

Bitcoin, solidtrustpay, payza, payeer.

What other benefits can i get from my cycler?

You will get advertising credits to promote your other programs. If you still want more you can buy advertising credits for text ads, login ads, banner ads etc.

How do i join my cycler?

Click on the sign up button below to start your very own pertual money making machine for just $10.
Note that you can buy as many position as possible.

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