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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How To Make Money With Bitcoin: Earn $225 in 72Hours with Starting with Just $25

Always Pays Review is to enlighten you about how the program operates. I just realized that most people find it difficult to understand the basic concept of the Always pays program.

Alwayspays is a member to member donation program based on bitcoin and cash. unlike other donation programs that are based strictly on bitcoin. New members that are not bitcoin users already find it challenging operating a bitcoin wallet, sending and receiving bitcoin and finding the hash tag. Alwaypays has eliminated this problem by providing the option of direct bank deposit.
So if you don't have a bitcoin wallet, You  just use the direct bank deposit option to upgrade your account.

Always pays has only 2 Levels that made it distinct from other bitcoin donation matrix
When you Register here  , you have to upgrade by paying a $25 upgrade fee with bitcoin or N12,000 through direct bank deposit.
Then your account will be upgraded to level 1 and you can now receive payments from other members of the Always pays program.

In Level 1 you with be matched with 9 members to pay you $25 or N12,000 each within 25 Days making a total earning of $225 or N108,000 for Level 1.
But if you want the auto referral bots to work for you then you will refer just 3 people and auto referral bot will speed up your payment making it possible for you to get payments from 9 members in just about 72hours and this is what makes the program HOT.

In Level 2 you upgrade with $70 or N33,600  and 27 members will pay your N33,600 each making a total earning of $1,890 or N907,200 in 9 Days.

The only limit the Always Pays program has is, you can not jump directly to Level 2 but move from Level1 first then to Level 2.

That is just how Always pays program can make you $2,115 or N1,015,200 with just a $25 or N12,000 investment.

You can Signup Here

How To upgrade Always Pays Account.

Once you register, then sign in with the username and password you used to register.
Click on upgrade and you will be presented with the information of the person you are matched with to pay.
Copy the payment details of the person either bank details or bitcoin wallet address.
Pay the required activation fee of #25.
After payment call the person you just paid to confirm your payment and your account will be upgraded to Level 1.
Congratulations you can now start receiving Payments too with the  Alwayspays Auto referral.

How to know if you Qualify for Always pays Auto referral and be matched for Payment within 72 Hours.

After successful upgrade your Auto referral will be at 25%. As you refer the required 3 people your auto referral percentage will start building up.

  • when you refer just 1 person you autoreferral moves upto 50%
  • when you refer 2 people your autoreferral moves upto 75%
  • when you refer 3 people your autoreferral moves upto 100%

Then you need not refer again!

You will be matched with 9 people that will pay your $25 or N12,000 totalling N108,000 with in 72 Hours.

Isn't that amazing?

Then what are you waiting for?

Hurry and join Today, Hurry and Join Now!
Join Now

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