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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How To generate Bitcoins For Free

How to generate bitcoins for free is one of the questions people that are just embracing the Cryptocurrency technology always ask.

They know bitcoin like other cryptocurrencies will be the future mode of payments and just want to amass as much bitcoin as is possible.

But wait, can one really get bitcoins free?

Yes it's possible to earn free bitcoin but it will be just too small a quantity and will consume too much of your time.

Generating bitcoins the free way is not the best way to earn bitcoin but if you have spare time, you can earn some free bitcoin this way.

So you still want to generate bitcoin the free way? ok let get started!

#1. Paid To click Websites (PTC) 

I see alot of bitcoin based ptc sites nowadays. So if you are out to get free bitcoin by the paid to click means, all you have to do is join a ptc website then view ads ranging from 5sec, 10sec or 20 sec and get paid.

This is how ptc sites are able to pay you; they look for marketers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, network marketers etc or anybody that have a website or affiliate link to promote, then they charge such person a certain amount of bitcoin to show their ads and get clicks on their links.
Then the ptc site will give you tasks of clicking and viewing the ads. After you have viewed the ads for a certain amount of time then the ptc site will pay you a certain percentage of the bitcoin paid to them by the advertiser.

#2. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are websites where you can claim free bitcoins at certain time intervals. It can be every 5 mins, 10 mins, hourly etc. The only problem with this way of claiming free bitcoins is that the bitcoin you will get will be way too small and you have to be solving Captchas every time you want to claim the free bitcoin which can be quite annoying.
To start generating free bitcoin with Faucets just enter your bitcoin wallet address on the space provided on the bitcoin faucet site and click signup.
Then start claiming the free bitcoin. Some pay directly to your bitcoin wallet anytime and others you have to reach a payment threshold before you can process a payout.

#3. Write For Blogs

You can also get free bitcoins by writing for some new blogs that need to post articles regularly on their blogs. So what you have to do is go to google and search for "bitcoin blogs that needs a writer"
If you are a good writer and have basic ideas about bitcoin, you might earn a good amount of bitcoin this way. You signup on the site, write articles about bitcoin, once your article is reviewed and approved you get paid.

#4. Bitcoin Investment Sites
The bitcoin investment sites would have been the best way to earn free bitcoin for newbies but there are lots of sharks out there only to scam you of your invested bitcoin. They give you lot of fake promises and unusually high rate of returns. Most of them are like hyip and promise to double, tripple your bitcoin in 24hrs, 36hrs, 100hrs etc.
If you must generate free bitcoin through investment site you have to do your research very well and know who you are sending your bitcoins.
Please not that once you send your bitcoin to these investment sites, the transaction can not be reversed. So only play with the bitcoin amount you know you can afford to lose.
Don't send them your life saving, incase you don't see the returns.

#5 Bitcoin affiliate Marketing.
This is a very good way to earn free bitcoin but you need to know about marketing and how to refer people. If you are good at marketing then generating free bitcoin through this way is a good option for you. All you do is look for sites that will pay you certain amount of commission like 5%, 10%, 50% etc just by referring customers to them. Once those customers sign up or make a purchase then you earn a commission.

#6.  Bitcoin Trading.
Just like forex you can trade bitcoin against currencies or other cryptocurrencies. But requires alot of knowledge and experience for you to earn bitcoin. Don't just open account with bitcoin trading site, learn how to do it first. Once you have a good knowledge of  how the bitcoin trading works then you can now commit your bitcoin to it.

#7 Bitcoin Exchanger
 If you have some capital to start with, you can become a bitcoin exchanger  and earn free bitcoin. How you do this is look for people that have bitcoin and want to sell. Buy from those people at a very low rate. You can search facebook for people that wants to sell their bitcoin. I see a lot of them every day. Then after successfully buying at a low rate, look for people that want to buy bitcoin to join bitcoin matrix, rev share, ptc etc and sell to them at a rate slightly higher than what you bought.

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