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Monday, February 13, 2017

Buy / Sell Your Bitcoins at and Get Cash Within 15 Minutes.

Are you a Bitcoin Exchanger and not getting enough sales or just buy and sell bitcoin online but need a safe and secure way to buy and sell your bitcoin online without getting scammed?

Then Buy/Sell Your Bitcoins at  without fear of being scammed of your hard earned Bitcoins and get Paid in less than 15minutes.

Remitano is a very awesome concept and market place for buyers and sellers of  btc. It's a peer to peer market place and you can transact your btc with peace of mind.

Click Here To Signup at Remitano

  How To Buy/Sell Bitcoin With Remitano Website

After successful sign up above, then enter this into your browser "" and click on login at the top right hand corner.

After clicking on Login then enter your email and click on continue

Once you enter your email above and click on continue, remitano will send you login email, go to your email, sign and you will see email from remitano "Log in to Remitano" then click on
 "Log me in Remitano"

After successful sign in you are ready to buy/sell  btc with remitano.

Click on buy/sell btc

Once you click on buy/sell btc then scroll down the page and you will see the list of  sellers and buyers

So depending on what type of transaction you want to do, you can see the list of sellers and buyers.

If you want to buy bitcoin then you will browse the list of buyers and see the seller that is using the same bank with you and has the amount of bitcoin you will like to buy.

Also if you will like to sell, browse the list of buyers and see who is willing to buy the amount of bitcoin you have and is using the same bank with you.

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