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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How To Make $100 Daily Through Bitcoin4u Referral Program.

Referral Marketing is a marketing strategy employed by new companies to make their products popular to wide variety of audience within a short period of time.

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are still relatively new and most companies involved one way or the other with bitcoin products use referral programs to boost their marketing campaign and reward  affiliates who send them sales with certain percentage of the sales amount.

Companies pay affiliate commissions ranging from 5 - 100%. For affiliates that have websites or strong social media presence this can quickly translate to huge daily and monthly money earner.
Some affiliate do more than $100 per day in referral program and some even are in more than one affiliate programs.

In this post, I want to show you a company that has a unique referral  program in which you earn 10% of any sale you generate upto 10 Level deep.

The company is Bitcoin4u, an advertising company that present for the first time world millionaires plan.  The cost of joining the company is 0.02 bitcoin then your referral link is generted and for every sale you generate you earn 0.002bitcoin.

This is unlimited rain of bitcoins, the more sales you refer the more bitcoins you make, the only person that can limit your bitcoin earnings here is  you.

So go and register on Bitcoin4u website send 0.002 bitcoin to the 10 bitcoin wallet address listed, copy the hash tag and confirm the payment. Then Grab your refer link, share with all your friends and start earning.
 It as simple as that and if you are very hardworking you can make more than $100 per day with this
amazing bitcoin4u referral program.

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