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Friday, October 28, 2016


Coinn cryptocurrency mining Review is just to let you know exactly what this bitcoin investment is all about.

First and foremost most people think it is not possible to get this kind of interest rate that coinn cryptocurrency mining company offers but they are just about to be proved wrong.

The coinn crptocurrency is bitcoin investment and mining company based in london and their investment program is just 23days old as at today. The company has more than 18,000 active depositors already and deposits running to 4,000 BTC.

This statistics look promising especially for a company that is just a few days running. I decided to test the waters myself, created an account and deposited after 24hours i processed a withdrawl and to my greatest surprise, before i could blink the my earnings is already in my bitcoin wallet.

I call this supper fast and can't be compared to any bitcoin investment company. Haven invested in so many bitcoin hyips before myself, when it comes to withdrawl that is when you will start seeing drama and those scammy companies will never allow you to withrawl your earnings.

Well this might be hyip but the risk is low and the company is paying.

Coin Cryptocurrency Last withdraw screenshot

How to Join Coinn Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Mining Program.

First the Coin Cryptocurrency mining  investment program is based on bitcoin only.

So if you don't have a bitcoin wallet, then open one free here

After that, fund your bitcoin wallet with whatever amount you want to
invest and head over to coinn cryptocurrency mining website

Click on register and create your account.

Then login and click on account overview.

You will see two button

Click on deposit to deposit your fund.

Copy the bitcoin address generated for you, head over to blockchain
and send the fund.

Then go back to coinn website and confirm your deposit.


You are just ready to start receiving excellent interest rate
on your investment. 0.15% every hour.

How To Withdraw Your Principal Invested Amount in

You can withdraw your initial invested principal after 24hrs but there is applicable charges.
withdraw fee of 5%.
From my experience with the bitcoin investment platform you will get about 20% profit on your investment in 7days period.

If you want to withdraw your Principal then, Login to your dashboard, click on my "active deposits" then hover over the date of any active deposit.

It will show withdraw option, click on withdraw and the pricipal amount will be added to your current withdrawable balance.

Then go back to your dashboard click on "account overview" and click withdraw.

That should send the bitcoin to your wallet before you blink.

Very fast and easy.

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