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Saturday, October 22, 2016

How To Get 2 Referrals Easily with in 24 Hours To Zarfund or Any Bitcoin Donation Matrix


Zarfund Bitcoin Matrix is one of the easiest matrix but some people still find it difficult to fill their matrix or refer only 2 people required for them to start earning in the Zarfund program.

This post will show you how to crack the code to referring at least 2 people to your Zarfund business or any other network marketing company you are promoting.

I'm not going to hold anything back from you, as i will reveal to you a actionable step by step guide that has worked for me and my team members.

This guide is so powerful and you should try to implement it as much as possible until you get the results you desire.

So How Can You Refer 2 People To Zarfund in 24Hours?

Requirements for this Actionable Plan

  • 1. 2Hours daily
  • 2. $10 or more for Advertisement

The Plan

1. Once you have upgraded your Zarfund account to bronze level grab your referral link and share with as many people as possible.

How to do this, either go to google or facebook and search for "Zarfund" then click on latest, copy any post that interests you to a notepad, edit it and add your referral link. Only follow that strategy if you can not come up with a small and well crafted post about zarfund on your own. Then Post on your wall, facebook groups, google plus, instagram, twitter etc.

2. Share your new awesome business opportunity with all your friends, colleagues and family members.

How to do this, list all the things you like about Zarfund and how you think your propsect will  benefit by joining Zarfund. Make sure you tell them everything you know about Zarfund. 
Go to youtube and watch any video about zarfund and bitcoins so that you can have so many things to tell your prospects. 
Once they show interest let them signup through your referral link.

3. Advertise, Advertise and Advertise.

Apart from the social media method discussed in step 1 there are other  various methods you can send paid traffic to your Zarfund referral link to get signups such as google adwords, Bing Ads, PTC, Traffic exchanges, Banner Ads Site, Classified Ads Site etc.

4. Login Regularly to Your Zarfund Account and Click on My referrals to see how many people you have referred.

You will see their contact information such as email, and Phone number etc. If any of your referrals upgrade to bronze level then you should receive some bitcoins in your blockchain wallet already.

If not you have to do follow up with all the leads, by encouraging them and showing them how to earn bitcoin with the Zarfund program.

If you are new to Zarfund program or network marketing in general i hope this help your hustle on how to get your 2 referrals fast so that your matrix and earnings on Zarfund increase as soon as possible.

If you have not signup yet then grab a spot for yourself on my fast grow team here

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