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Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to Earn Bitcoins With Zarfund In Nigeria

Do you want to earn bitcoins online or
Do you need a simple and affordable
online business you can start in nigeria?

Then there are various options for you.
it's not even news again that online

entrepreneurs are making it real big right
here in nigeria.
You can do blogging, forex trading, binary options, network
marketing, fiverr and other frelancer sites etc.

The problem is when it comes to making money online there is no one size fits all. what works for Mr A might not work for Mr B.

But right now Bitcoin business is super hot!
Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, created and held electronically.
No one controls it and it operates independently of a central bank.
Bitcoins aren't printed, like dollars, euros and nairas.
Right now 1Bitcoin worths about $620 and it is expected that the price will continue to rise.
There are various ways you can tap in to the digital currency. Such as mining, exchanges etc

The one simple way i've discovered is through a program called zarfund.

Zarfund is a revolutionary way to bitcoin and it is a peer to peer donation program. Each member join free but send a donation of 0.03bitcoin to activate bronze level.

In Zarfund each participating member is expected to refer just only 2 people and that is it.
If you can not refer just 2 people then this business is not for you. Atleast everybody have family members, friends, colleagues, mosque members, church members etc.

So getting only 2 people is not as difficult as most people think. All you have to do is just talk to people about this your awesome new business opportunity. To participate in Zarfund you need a bitcoin wallet address where your donations will be sent to.
You can create one free here
Then you fund your newly created wallet with 0.03 bitcoin about $20. Don't know how to do that? don't worry this guide is just for you,
go over to google and search "bitcoin exchangers in nigeria" feel free to use any of the websites in the search result but the one i use is

After funding your bitcoin wallet with $20 then login to your zarfund dashboard, go to My money to setup your payment details
Then go back to dashboard and click on upgrade to next level you will then see the bitcoin wallet address you will send the 0.03bitcoin upgrade fee.

See this complete video on how to signup and activate you account on Zarfund

Ready to signup?
Click here to signup  or contact me on +2348132637237 for more info

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