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Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Earn Bitcoins Daily Through Ads: is Paying

There are various ways you can earn bitcoins online such as mining, faucets, ptc etc.
But still presents an extremely unique way for everyone to earn daily bitcoins. is an advertising website where you can register, activate your account and start promoting your primary offers through text ads, banner ads etc. but that is not all.
The webite offers a way for you to even earn more passive bitcoins. This is not mlm or money chain but a peer to peer bitcoin donation program.

Basically there are two plans


working Plan and Non Working Plan.

For the working Plan, you start with an investment of 0.02 bitcoin and you have the potential
to earn upto 200,000 bitcoins. This is because you will receive donations from people you refer upto 10 level
You activate your account on this plan by sending 0.002 bitcoin each to 10 bitcoin addresses listed on the website then you copy the hash tag for the transaction and confirm for each until you complete the 10.
Out of the 10 accounts you sent 0.002 BTC, the first 2 are Admins and the remianning are members like you that have joined the program.

After your payment have been confirmed, then you will get email containing your referral link and all your marketing materials. You will be placed on position #8 on the list and your position gradually moves up as you get referrals through your affiliate link until you will get to position #1.
Start sharing and promoting your link so that you can begin to get daily bitcoin alerts.


Non Working Plan on the other hand is matrix program 2x4 matrix. you upgrade with 0.1btc and you receive 0.1btc also from 2members (0.2btc)
Then you upgrade to level 2 with 0.15btc and receive 0.15 from 4 members (0.6btc)
You upgrade to level 3 with 0.5 bitcoin and receive 0.5 btc from 8 members (4btc)
Lastly you upgarde to level 4 with 1.25btc and recieve 1.25btc from 16members (20btc)


Click here Now to JOIN

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